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Southlands Medical Group


Christmas Eve - 8am - 6pm
Christmas Day - CLOSED
Saturday/Sunday - CLOSED
Monday 28th - CLOSED
Tuesday 29th - 8am - 6pm
New Years Day - CLOSED


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Our Patient Group was formed some years ago with the founding members very much still involved, with their help we are trying to recruit new members. You can either come along to the bi-monthly meetings or to join our virtual patient group. We currently have over 900 patients registered for our on-line services. Let us know what you think, whats good, whats not. We will take your comments to the patient group meeting and feedback, e-mail practice.admin@nhs.net or complete the forms which can be printed from "Our Documents" section.


Copies of the minutes of our patient group meetings will be e-mailed to you on request to the practice manager: practice.admin@nhs.net


We have had made many changes to services due to the invaluable feedback from you our patients, our annual Patient Participation Report can be found in the "Our Documents" area to view or download. Once again thank you for your feedback, we can only improve with your help.


Please feedback your comments and let us know what you think of our services.

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