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Pharmacy First offers you and your family the chance to get treatment for seven common conditions from pharmacies instead of having to wait to see a GP.

Pharmacists can treat:

Sinusitis (for patients aged 12 years and over only)

Sore throat (aged 5+)

Earache (aged 1 year-17)

Infected insect bite (aged 1 year+)

Impetigo (aged 1 year +)

Shingles (aged 18 years+)

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women (aged 16-64 years)

People can self-refer or we might redirect you to the pharmacy first scheme. Pharmacists can also initiate consultations on the spot. Our local pharmacy Herdmans has two branches, one in Ryhope Health Centre and the other on Ryhope Street both offering the Pharmacy First service.

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