Electronic Prescribing Service

A New Way to Get Your Medicines and Appliances 

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you collect your repeat prescription from you GP surgery you will not have to visit your GP surgery to pick up your paper prescription, instead, your GP will send it electronically to the pharmacy you choose. This can be any pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.

Is This Service Right for You?

Yes, if You Have a Stable Condition and You:

  • Don’t want to go to your GP surgery every time to collect your repeat prescription.
  • Collect your medicines for the same place most of the time or use a prescription collection service now.

It May Not be if You:

  • Don’t get prescriptions very often.
  • Pick up you medicines from different pharmacies.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please make sure you give at least two working days notice before collect your prescription (this does not include Saturdays and Sundays).

Further Information is available in a leaflet, available to view and download in ‘Our Documents’ section of this website.