Friends & Family Test

Have Your Say to Improve Your Healthcare

Did you know now more than ever we are encouraging patients to have their say to help improve more services across the NHS?

The Friends & Family Test is about giving patients the opportunity to provide quick feedback on their care and treatment experience. 

It’s used in many parts of the NHS and all GP surgeries give patients the opportunity to say what they feel is going well and what can be improved so the people that make the decisions about local healthcare can take your views into account. It doesn’t take long and you don’t need to give your details on your feedback form.

You Can Either:

  1. Download and print the survey from the “Our Documents” section to hand in at the surgery.
  2. Complete the survey at the surgery and pop it in the feedback box or hand it in at reception.
  3. Complete the Form below.

Friends and Family Test

Friends and Family Test
Overall, how was your experience of our service?

The Results for January’s Friends & Family Test can be Found via This Link:

Should you have any suggestions to improve how the Practice operates or manages its services, please complete a Friends and Family Test feedback form.